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VPN Service Pakistan Unblocking


If you are looking VPN from Pakistan you are at right place. We offer reliable, secure and fast VPN services with servers located in Iran which provide you anonymous web surfing and perfect privacy with a real Iranian dedicated IP address. VPN is very easy to use and it is available 24 hours a day. Also no matter which type of connection you have, dial up, wireless, cable, ADSL or something other it will work perfect.


you are from Pakistan and you are searching for a safe and fast way to surf the Internet, you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Superb VPN offers a secure Virtual Private Network solution through High Speed Access for citizens of Pakistan. Connecting to our server in Iran you will be assigned a dedicated IP address to hide your actual location. That way you can access any Internet resource with no restrictions and have complete privacy


Pakistan is known to have a lot of web content restrictions, including Skype and VoIP. By connecting through a Virtual Private Network, you will be able to get around any blockings and make free international phone calls. VoIP VPN service transfers all your calls between offices throughout the world easily and free of charge, so you will be able to bypass Internet filtering and censorship. With a concealed IP address, your entire VoIP traffic is encrypted and safe with Pakistani Limy VPN.


Choose our VPN and you will enjoy the following merits:

  • Significant cost savings for a fast and efficient service.
  • Guaranteed liberty to do what you want on the web (watch TV stations online, listen to your favorite music, play poker, surf with no limitations).
  • Compatible with all types of Internet connections and all kinds of devices and OS.
  • Anytime you need help or advice, our technical support team is available.

Your anonymity and satisfaction is our top priority – that is why Limy VPN is the perfect solution for you. Secure your VoIP communication with your colleagues, friends or family members by using our encrypted voice packets.


you are from Pakistan and you are searching for a safe and fast way to surf the Internet, you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Superb VPN offers a secure Virtual Private Network solution through High Speed Access for citizens of Pakistan. Connecting to our server in Iran you will be assigned a dedicated IP address to hide your actual location. That way you can access any Internet resource with no restrictions and have complete privacy




Q: What do I need and how much should I  pay to start the VPN service with your VOIP applications?

Very simple, what you need are:


  1. Any kind of broadband internet connection from your local ISP, for example, ADSL modem, Cable modem, Satellite, ISDN, T1/E1, DDN etc. Your ISP blocks the VOIP calls? Not a problem. Our VPN for VOIP service works 100% with any ISP. Plus, our VPN service works with private IP (behind NAT router) or dynamic IP (PPPoE) environment. The VPN router just works like plug-and-play; connect it to your home network or office network where DHCP is enabled, and you are online with connection to our VPN network where all network parameters are optimized for VOIP traffic.
  2. Purchasing our VPN wireless router, it's one time cost of 99US$ (shipping cost extra), we will pre-configure this VPN router with your VPN account, doing customization when necessary etc.
  3. Or, if you don't like to purchase the SSL VPN router from us, you can just find an existing Windows XP/2K3 computer using it as a soft router, installed two networks card on it, and we will remotely deploy the client software for you for fee!
  4. Pick up the VPN network speed you need and buy the VPN service from us, for example, if 256kbps upload speed and 256k download speed is good enough for your VOIP traffic, you just need pay us the VPN service fee for 50US$/month, we will assign the static public IP to your VOIP devices, and re-route all your VOIP traffic through our premium internet backbone connection.


In one word, get a broadband internet connection from any local ISP, purchase our VPN router with 119US$ (Or using computer based soft router solution), and subscribe to our VPN4VOIP service for 256kbit/s up & 256kbit/s down speed for only 50US$/month.

Q: What are the advantages of your VPN services for my VOIP business?

You get tons of benefits from our VPN for VOIP services:


  1. VOIP Traversal (nobody can block your VOIP traffic) - your local ISP can't block your VOIP calls any more. Through VPN4VOIP service, all VOIP data are encrypted with 1024 bits SSL and tunneled within VPN packets. Your VOIP traffic doesn't run on famous VOIP ports, no H.323 or SIP signal packet pattern can be matched by ISP.
  2. Privacy & Security (nobody can find out that you are running VOIP traffic) - your local ISP can't figure out what applications you are running with the internet connection, and the highest encrypted VPN packet doesn't make any sense to the network monitor. Thus, no one can find that you are running VOIP traffic through the network, and on one can sniff the VOIP phone call conversation.
  3. Flexibility (you can run VOIP service with any kind of internet connection) - the VPN router works with almost any kind of network connection, it can always establish reliable and steady VPN connection with our VPN Servers, even you have only dynamic or private IP for the internet.
  4. Convenience (you get static public IP for your VOIP device) - with a static public IP, you can easily run VOIP inbound or traffic exchange service, no headache NAT port mapping or DMZ setting required any more. Some VOIP gateways or VOIP softswitch which don't support NAT traversal also work 100% in such a deployment.
  5. Phone call quality (get better voice quality with higher MOS result) - People may get surprised but it's true, that in professional tests, under the same network condition, SSL VPN network provides better voice quality than regular network.


Q: Where is your VPN server located? How is your internet connection?


Our VPN Servers are located in the several countries, all of them are within one of the best data center in the world and with the world's best internet backbone connections to every country in the world.


Our bandwidth provider includes but not limits to AT&T, Internap, SAVVIS, Verio, AboveNet, Level3, Global Crossing, Time Warner Telecom & Cogent.

Q: I am told that using VOIP crossing the VPN system can actually improve the voice quality, is it true?


Yes, that's true. Our solution is industry advanced 1024 bits SSL based VPN network, the improvement of voice quality (as measured by MOS scores) comes to encapsulating the UDP VOIP voice packets ( RTP and RTCP ) into TCP/IP. Please refer to some professional publishings concerning this topic:


Network World - Test shows VoIP call quality can improve with SSL VPN links

O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Strangely - SSL VPNs can help VoIP call quality


Q: How much bandwidth do I need for my business? My VOIP traffics have about 60 concurrent calls during the peak time.

It varies on many settings in your VOIP devices and the environment, includes:


  1. The Codec used for the voice compression/decompression;
  2. The packet size, which means the length of the voice in ms for each RTP packet;
  3. VAD (Voice Activity Detection) enabled or disabled;
  4. Any RTP header compression/combination between the peer to peer VOIP gateway connections;
  5. The internet connection you use for the VOIP traffic, for example, ADSL modem, Cable Modem, Satellite, ISDN 2B+D, T1/E1, DDN, or PPP dial up etc.


In a typical application, for example, with G.729 codec, 40ms packet size, VAD enabled, no additional RTP header compression, using ADSL modem for internet connection, the bandwidth you need for 48 concurrent calls is:


16 kbps X 48 = 768kbps


Our bandwidth is sold on block of 256kbps with 50US$ monthly fee, so you will need purchase 3 blocks of the bandwidth, that is total 768kbps with 150 US$ monthly fee.

Above is the bandwidth you need subscribe from us, the actually bandwidth you need to have from your local ISP is about 1.5 times of this value, so for example in above case, to get 48 concurrent calls with G.729 codec and 40ms RTP size, you need have about 1.2Mbit/s bandwidth from your local ISP.

Note: all we talked here about the bandwidth is applying both both directions, that means you need have 1.2Mbit/s for download direction and 1.2Mbit/s for upload direction from your local ISP to support 48 VOIP channels.

Q: Egypt Bans VoIP, Iran VoIP blocked, Pakistan VOIP filtered out, Bangladesh gets tough on VoIP, are you sure it's secure and safe to use your service to continue my Voice over IP termination business?

It's absolutely secure to use our service to continue your VOIP minute exchange activity, no H.323/SIP/RTP packets can be detected, no remote VOIP peers IP address can be sniffed, everything is transferred as encryption data, just same safe as using https:// to access your bank account details!

Q: My ISP provider sniffs and blocks VOIP traffic, and all VOIP software like X-Lite, SJ phone, NetMeeting, Skype or VOIP hardware like Cisco/Quintum gateways, sipura/linksys/grandstream adaptors don't work well here, how can you be sure that with your VPN solution the VOIP traffic won't be filtered again by my ISP?

Yes, that is the beauty of our VPN solution for VOIP traffic. With SSL 1024 bits encryption for each packet back and forward between your VOIP software/devices and the internet, all data including the signal and the voice are compressed and encrypted with industry best strength before sending it out between the VPN router and our VPN server. No one can figure out what data is running inside the VPN tunnel, and no one is able to find out what applications you are running with the internet, because VPN doesn't use famous VOIP ports, plus all packet are encrypted, the ISP can't detect out the VOIP traffic with the port blocking or regular VOIP pattern searching method.  VOIP is prohibited in many countries, but VPN is 100% legal and widely used all over the world for enterprise communications. Our VPN for VOIP solution has been confirmed working perfectly in countries includes by not limit to: Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Algeria, Sri lanka, Sudan, El Salvador, Yemen and Ethiopia etc.

Q: Will my ISP find out that I am making Voice Over IP phone calls through your VPN connection?

NO, because of the strongest VPN encryption added to each VOIP packets - including the Signal data (H.323 or SIP), Voice data (RTP or RTSP) and even the Billing data (Radius AAA), everything you sent out or received from are random binary stream without any pattern through one port, your ISP will never ever figure out what's inside it and what application you are running, you can have full confidence and peace of mind to run your VOIP wholesale traffic without worry the business safety and security.

Q: My internet access only allows me to surf web, I can't use applications like FTP, Email, MSN Messenger etc., can I still use your VPN for VOIP service to make calls with VOIP software or devices?

Yes, you can. Our VPN4VOIP solution has the option to run the SSL VPN tunneling service based on the public https port (TCP 443). If you are able to do web browsing, then this port is opened, which means our VPN service can work well on this kind of network infrastructure. In this mode, there is a small delay added to the connection because of the "UDP over TCP" and "TCP over TCP" issue, but in most cases, it won't affect the VOIP calls' voice quality.