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Hosted Virtualization

Hosted virtulization voip server

Get More From Your Servers With Virtualization

Virtualization software pools the computing resources of your server and assigns them to improve efficiency, reliability and operational mobility between virtual machines (VM).Even a single dedicated server can run multiple operating systems. As a result, you can host more applications and data more cost-effectively than ever before.

Three levels of solution

Deploy a virtualized solution for today knowing you can scale out as your business grows.
3 levels of voip server solution

Order a Virtualization

built to spec and we’ll have it to you in 2-4 hours

Hyper visor dedicated voip server

Level 1

Virtualization Server

Run your VMware, XenServer, Parallels, or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software packages on the dedicated server hosted in our data center.. Deploy and manage virtual machines based on the capabilities of the selected software. Host and manage your services on separate virtual machines to simplify resource management and increase system reliability. All of our professional system administrators are ready to help.
Hosted Voip server rent
Virtualization Cluster voip

Level 2

Virtualization Cluster

Use virtualization software to centralize the compute resources of several dedicated servers and distribute them among the virtual machines, and easily expand the cluster's underlying capacity by adding more hardware when needed. By consolidating more workloads on fewer servers, you can reduce costs and increase capacity effectively by using resources more efficiently. Centralized storage on a separate dedicated server or SAN improves data availability and helps with business continuity planning.
Hosted voip Microsoft Private Cloud

Level 3

Hosted Microsoft Private Cloud

Dedicated hosting infrastructure deployment using Microsoft Windows Server based on Hyper-V hypervisor and System Center Suite. ARN TEL hosted Microsoft's private cloud solution is the world's first private cloud and is the winner of the 2014 Microsoft Partner Hosted Cloud Innovation Awards. It takes IT operations to a new level through monitoring, automation, and templates as well as all other benefits of virtualization.
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Learn about the opportunities that virtualization can bring to your organization. Start real-time chat and check out how we can help your business accelerate the pace, reduce costs and streamline operations.

Please don't wait to take our help, it's very simple and free. A Technical Account Manager is always dedicated for planning, documenting and delivering our virtualized solutios. And certified solutions architects, advanced system administrators as well as our software partners support us in this regard.

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