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  • How does VoIP work?

    VoIP converts the sound of your voice into data and uses Internet Protocol to send that data. For a much longer explanation, visit our VoIP simplified page. It's, ironically, the technical explanation. Read More
  • How do I use VoIP to make a call?

    Pick up the phone and dial the number you'd like to call. You do have to sign up with a VoIP provider first in order to get service. If you're using a softphone, you will have to have the program Read More
  • How do I use VoIP to receive a call?

    Pick up the phone and answer the call. A greeting is usually appreciated. Kidding aside, VoIP should seamlessly replace your current phone service. If you are using a softphone, you will need to have your computer on and the softphone Read More
  • I've heard bad things about call quality with VoIP.

    We have, too. We're happy to say that call quality, overall, has improved with VoIP and is now as good as or better than call quality on a land line. Most call quality issues are caused by network connectivity issues Read More
  • What is VoIP Termination

    VoIP termination call go through telecom service provider to another provider also when telephone calls reroute from one service provider to another. Instead of using a PSTN, voip termination uses the IP network to transfer and terminate calls from anywhere Read More
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