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FreeSwitch Base Configuration and Customization

VoIP FreeSwitch


FreeSwitch is a scalable multiplatform telephony system. It's an open source platform designed to route and interconnect different communication protocols. It was created in 2006 to fill the gap left by proprietary business solutions. FreeSWITCH also provides a stable phone platform on which you can use a variety of free tools to develop many applications.

FreeSwitch Configuration and Customization:

1. VPN solution for any type of device (Addpac, Eurotech, Dinstar, Goip, Quantum and various types of vacations)

2. The UAE TETRALAS network tunneling solution also bridges the network. Each colocation service also includes APNIC, ARIC, China, Japan

3. Custom IVR solution

4. Custom call drop and bill related issues solutions

5. Home or office PBX solution / regional base PBX solution

6. Call the conference solution

7. Voicemail service company solutions

8. Call recording and tracking solutions

9. Automatic attendance PBX system

10. Using Logic solutions to customize interactive responses

11. Call center full PBX solutions

12. Auto dial / PBX generated call follows LIFO / FIFO

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