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IPsmarx Softswitch

VoIP Softswitch

IPsmarx Softswitch is a versatile, all-in-one platform that integrates the provider of all the services, which require to provide, manage and bill all competing VoIP services.IPsmarx Softswitch is a customizable and scalable solution that adapts to the supplier's brand and business model expands as the business grows, and allows vendors to manage resellers and agents. The platform is managed by a central web user interface. With an advanced set of monitoring and system management tools, service providers can precisely control their operations.
VOIP Softswitch
Intelligent VoIP Call Management and Routing

Intelligent VoIP Call Management and Routing

With IPsmarx soft switches, service providers are offering residential, mobile and wholesale VoIP services and those are the following:

Carrier-class compatibility and reliability
Carrier failover support
The unlimited terminal operator support

Control Revenue and Costs with Integrated Billing

For its powerful billing and invoice capabilities, service providers are getting the accuracy and control required to decrease costs and increase the profit.

Integrated RADIUS-based accounting
Advanced tax system
Flexible payment options and pre-paid and post-paid support

VoIP Control Revenue and Costs
VoIP Quality Cost

Keep Competitive with Least Cost Routing and Multi-Carrier Management

Multi-operator management enables service providers to maximize operator selection in terms of price and quality. In turn, this allows the service provider to use the lowest cost route.

Least Cost Routing directs traffic over the most cost-effective routes, which helps service providers reduce costs. These savings can be used to increase profit directly or passed on to customers in the form of competitive low rates.

Gain Actionable Insights with Enhanced Call Monitoring and Reporting

IPsmarx Softswitch provides the insights and intelligence as the service providers can handle their operations successfully through highly accurate, detailed call monitoring and reporting tools.

Security Logs
Real-Time Monitoring

VoIP SERVER Gain Actionable Insights with Enhanced Call Monitoring and Reporting
 Advanced Reseller and Agent Management

Extend Your Reach with Advanced Reseller and Agent Management

In order to give access a lot of customers through the same distributors and agents, IPsmarx Softswitch enables service providers to manage the network of distributors and agents.

Core Features

The IPsmarx Softswitch includes the following features.

Call Management

  • Carrier Failover Support
  • Fax & Video Support
  • Port Limitation Support
  • Prefix-Based Routing
  • Priority-Based Routing
  • SIP Proxy with Topology Hiding
  • Unlimited Multiple Carrier Support


  • Advanced Taxation System
  • Flexible Payment Structure
  • Integrated RADIUS-based Billing
  • Promotion Management Tool
  • Rounding Charge Support

System Management

  • Application Manager
  • Carrier Grade Reliability & Compatibility
  • Centralized Web-Based Administration
  • Customer Service Agent Management
  • Data Encryption for Critical Data Storage

Monitoring and Reporting

  • ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • ASR (Average Success Ratio)
  • Calling Card Reports
  • CDR (Call Detail Record)
  • Country/City Reports
  • Customer Reports

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