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KAMAILIO Softswitch

Welcome to Kamailio® – An Open Source SIP Server

Kamailio® is an open-source SIP server that runs underneath GPL can be used to produce massive VoIP platforms and real-time communication - presence, WebRTC, instant electronic messaging and optional applications.

Powerful features include Secure communications through TLS for asynchronous TCP, UDP and SCTP, VoIP (voice, video, text); WebSocket support for WebRTC; IPv4 and IPv6; Simple instant messaging and presence with embedded XCAP server and MSRP relay; Asynchronous operation; IMS Extensions; ENUM; DID and low cost costs; Load balancing; Routing fail-over; Accounting, certification and authorization; Support for many backend systems such as MySQL, Postgraze, Oracle, Radius, LDAP, Radisson, Casandra, MongodiBi, Memcatch; JSN and XMLPC control interface, SNMP monitoring.

Kamailo VOIP softswitch
VOIP kamailo softswitch


  • Secure peer-to-peer communication
  • People or groups or voice calls
  • People-to-person video call
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Existential state
  • Call details

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