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Custom Code Translator Soft-Switch

Class 4 and Class 5 Cloud-Based Soft Switch Customization

Our remuneration led to the VoIP Softswitch and charging phase, which is a solid, financially savvy, category 4 and 5 telecom management vendor that answers the benefits of industry-driven innovation. With ARN TEL, you and your affiliates can provide comprehensive white-label VoIP management without putting resources on your own. ARN TEL is our VoIP-facilitated support assessment phase and coordinates Telinta's VoIP packages with PortaSwitch's premium switching and billing capabilities. Our class 4 soft-switching capabilities provide an ideal convenient answer for wholesale VoIP. Our Class 5 Softswitch features are ideal for end-client management, such as IP PBX, dedicated VoIP, and this is just the beginning.

Customized Billing Solution for VoipSwitch

We are pleased to announce the release of ARN TEL's service (demo version of on-billing.arntel.com) for VoIP switch with billing from ARN TEL's software house. In ARN TEL, you will find many new and improved features as you expect. ARN TEL has been developed with PHP and a fully secured and customized invoicing solution for VoIPSwitch.

  • Easy to use interface with fast loading, quick setup and efficient support service.
  • Customized VoipSwitch Portal.
  • Includes all existing VoipSwitch features.
  • Rates planning with export and import features.
  • Compatible with all major browsers including mobile.
  • Export reports and CDR download options in csv or excel format.
  • All passwords (for clients and administrators) are stored as irreversible md5 hashes to ensure the best protection.
  • Automatic database backup ensures that you don't lose client data, just backup FTP'd to a remote server or email it to you.

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