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What are SIP or VoIP phones?

VoIP phones are connected to an IP phone system using LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. Most IP phones are using the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol), no matter if those are hardware or software IP telephones. Well known manufacturers of IP phones are Polycom, Snom, Gigaset, Tiptel, Yealink and Arntel. Widely used examples for softphones are Blink and Bria.


Using an IP PBX phone system usually requires you to use VoIP telephones. Hardware SIP phones look nearly like traditional analog or ISDN phones. IP phones are developed to be used in IP networks. This is also called Voice over IP. Another type of IP phones are so called softphones. A soft phone is piece of software that behaves exactly like a normal IP telephone. You can run a soft phone on a PC, mac, tablet or smartphone.

The AskoziaPBX IP phone system supports the majority of all IP phone handsets sold world-wide. Furthermore, AskoziaPBX supports auto-detection and auto-configuration for the most popular IP phones.