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Asterisk Configuration

What Asterisk Does Work?

Asterisk is a multi-protocol building structure that communicates with real-time applications and solutions. Asterisk uses real-time voice and video apps as the basis for Apache web applications. Asterisk conducts communication protocols and complexity of technologies, so you can focus on creating innovative products and solutions.

We know that the business telephone system is a multi-service telephone system that is widely used for commercial purposes, from a small touch-tone telephone system to a large private branch exchange (PBX) system for switching calls between business users on a local line while allowing all Users to share a certain number of external telephone lines. And asterisks are used to create such communication apps like PBXs, call distributors, VoIP gateways, and conference bridges. To make the process of creating complicated apps very simple asterisk includes low level and high-level elements. We have more applications, please view the asterisk application section.

VOIP Asterisk Configuration

Asterisk Configuration and Customization Product

VOIP Asterisk Configuration and Customization Product

1. VPN resolution for any variety of devices.

2.Tunnel resolution For UAE ETISALAT Network additionally Bridge Network each Co-location Service additionally APNIC, ARIC, China, Japan

3. Custom IVR resolution

4. Customize decision droop up and request problems resolution

5. Regional PBX resolution (Home / Office)

6. Conference Call Resolution

7. Voicemail Service Solutions

8. Call recording and trailing solutions

9. PBX Auto Attendance System

10. Using Logic Solutions to Customize Interactive Responses

11. Auto Dial/PBX Generated Call Follows LIFO/FIFO

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