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gPlex Hosted Softswitch

The hosted gPlex® Softswitch service is an economical option for purchasing expensive carrier-class soft switches. The service is 100 to 1000 channels in size. It is equipped with a user-friendly web interface, flexible routing, real-time monitoring and reliable billing functions. Even with Internet-enabled phones, users can use the hosted gPlex® Softswitch.

gPlex Hosted Softswitch Version-2.6 Features

* User-friendly web interface
* Central panel for Master user, User & sub-user
* 99.9% uptime
* Redundant IP network in a hot-standby mode
* Redundant power supply with dual power drop
* Intelligent routing
* Multi-level rate editing
* Multiple routing to the same IP
* Active calls status
* Live console
* 4 level reseller
* Real-time ASR, ACD, PDD
* Hourly traffic report
* Channel utilization graph
* Registration graph
* Support CSV format rate sheet modification & upload
* 24x7 support and free upgrades of new releases
* Free training program for engineers, assistance with initial system configuration
VOIP gPlex Hosted Softswitch

gPlex Hosted Softswitch Packages:

Switch Channel Capacity Setup Cost(US $) Monthly charge (US $) Total Amount (USD)
(1st month charge included)
100 channel $1000 $250 $1,250
200 channel $1700 $350 $2,050
300 channel $2500 $450 $2,950
500 channel $5000 $600 $5,600
1000 channel $9,000 $1000 $10,000

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