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At ARN TEL, we provide A-Z termination (wholesale VoIP) and dedicated white CLI routes services as well via Tier-1 VoIP suppliers. It's a little effort from our side to complement our VoIP offerings and supply you a whole solution (Hardware, Billing, and Traffic Termination) for your VoIP business.Therefore, those who will purchase from ARN TEL are assured that all of the business components of them will be managed in a very efficient manner with the technical excellence that solely ARN TEL can offer.

ARN TEL has already been certified by the different suppliers of VoIP hardware, integrated voice, data and networking devices for it's having many years of VoIP solution and maintenance experiences. We highly care about our clients business to get VoIP support when they need it really.

ARN TEL Carrier Benefits :

  • Worldwide call routing.
  • Highly secured VoIP network.
  • Backed-up platform with guaranteed VoIP services.
  • All kinds of hardware compatibility (like gateways, switches, decision router servers, VoIP phones etc.).
  • We management tools as you can check your balance at any time.
  • VoIP reseller interface.

Our functional management tool provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they have a clear idea of their traffic and balance of their accounts. If you wish to see an overview of our career Management Tool, moreover, the outstanding tools and the kind of quality we offer, please feel free to contact us.

We know the importance about offering competitive services to your clients and that is why we are diligently working on providing the most competitive tier-1 rates for you in the VoIP market. To check our recently updated rates, please click here.

We know how important is for you to offer competitive services to your clients and this is why we are tirelessly working on providing you with the most competitive rates in the VoIP market. To check our recently updated rates, click here

ARN TEL also accepts bids for buying and selling termination routes. Please feel free to submit your bid with us. We look forward to getting associated with you.

For more details of our VoIP Termination, please contact us at www.arntel.com